Cargo carriage with tilt semi-trailers (92 m³)

About service
We specialize in international cargo transportation by own transport from Lithuania, Baltic countries to Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan. We also offer our services for cargo transportation from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan to Lithuania, Baltic countries.

To deliver cargo safely and on time, we offer standard tent-hangers, curtain-semi-trailers up to 22 t, complete with fastening belts, as well as partial load fasteners. All semi-trailers can be loaded from the rear, from the side or from the top.

The trucks are equipped with a GPS satellite positioning system, which allows to control the movement of transported cargo, we can give the customer the possibility to monitor the movement of the cargo in real time.

Capacity of tilt semi-trailers

33 euro pallets

92 m³


13,62m x 2,70m x 2, 48m.

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